Villa Benito VIÑALES


Villa Benito VIÑALES, el mejor alojamiento para tu descanso

C/ Salvador Cisnero Este #49 (e/Arroyo El Duelo y 1ª), 22400 Viñales CU

Villa Benito VIÑALES is located 800 meters from the center of Viñales where the square, Wi-Fi zone, restaurants, bars and the Polo Montañés nightclub are located. Clients from the house can take guided excursions on horseback to appreciate the Viñales Valley and coffee and tobacco plantations, guided excursions to Cayo Levisa and Cayo Jutia. Villa Benito VIÑALES is a house built in 1974 but which has been remodeled and decorated in a modern style. The house has a view from its terrace to the mogotes of the Viñales National Park.


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Our Guests Say:

Very good house to stay comfortably and very well cared for at all times. (Remige, France)